08 August 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Myth & Mixology

Be transported to the mythical land of Sugarlandia – home to the esteemed Don Papa rum. You'll will be hosted by actors, you are guaranteed an unusual experience! You'll be taken on an immersive journey to learn the mythical tales, followed by an exploration of Don Papa rum taste, origins and
the wondrous cocktails it can conjure up.

You'll be treated to an arrival drink and an incredible cocktail, as well as an evening to remember!

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22 August 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Italian Experience

Set in our garden (weather permitting!) and led by a Campari Brand Ambassador, you will be treated to an introduction to both classic and modern Italian Aperitifs. You'll learn the art behind the famous Aperol Spritz & Negroni, as well as the Campari Gin & Tonic, Boulevardier, Campari Spritz and Negroni Spagliato and enjoy sipping in the sunshine

Chef is going to bring out some boards with Italian nibbles for the full, Mediterranean Summer experience.